Organize your group communications to ensure everyone is in the loop. All communications from Pelotonics can be replied to from your email client ensuring everyone uses the system!

Tasks and Milestones

Unify your group's objectives with Pelotonics Tasks and Milestones. Know what is due when and who is responsible at a glance!

Project Calendars

Understand your global deliverables and key dates with the Pelotonics calendar. Each project has a calendar that rolls up to a global calendar view.

File Management

Easily find all of your project files in one safe place. Numerous files can be organized in to folder and filtered by date, name and type for convenient retrieval.

Find Yourself Struggling to Track Down Old Information?

It’s maddening and a huge waste of time! Pelotonics will be your new bestfriend for it provides your team with a trusted system to securely manage communicationsorganize files, as well as assign and track deliverables.

Who Needs Pelotonics?

Anyone managing projects for:

~BUSINESS~                 ~NONPROFIT~              ~PERSONAL~              ~ACADEMICS~

If you are having trouble with or simply want to maximize organization, efficiency, and control over your project, then you need Pelotonics. Using Pelotonics to manage your project information can save as much as 20% of your team’s time! Pelotonics cuts through project clutter and allows you to deal with only those things that are truly important.